Excavating Services in Syracuse, NY

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Whether it’s a crawl space for your home or a waterline replacement, no job is too big or small for Do It Right Plumbing. Our excavating services in Syracuse, NY, as well as our other services, has left many customers satisfied! We take pride in our expert craftsmanship placed within every project and are dedicated to sustaining a close relationship with you throughout your excavating needs.  



Our Syracuse Excavating Services

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Do It Right Plumbing offers a complete range of water and sewer line service, repair, and replacement and excavating services in Syracuse, NY.

We use the latest in excavating services technology and equipment to make sure that everything is done properly. When you need to dig to install or repair broken water or sewer lines in Syracuse, NY, we offer skilled, experienced excavating services using specialized equipment and well-trained personnel. We also provide the demolition required and the excavation to ensure that your foundation can be built securely and designed to last.

We specialize in sewer and underground water systems from new, single-family subdivisions to difficult municipal projects. Knowing how much bedding, correct pipe materials and proper soil moisture and density backfill is important to you, it is absolutely critical to us. When paving or structural considerations are depending on trench backfill, take concern for settlement out of the equation.



Why Choose Our Syracuse Excavation?

We specialize in converting existing homes with septic systems to new sanitary sewer service and have extensive experience with municipal codes. Our comprehensive range of equipment and services means that whatever your need, at whatever stage of your project, you can count on us to anticipate your requirements, and provide the right staff and equipment to get your job done on time and on your budget. Our excavating services in Syracuse, NY aims to be your trusted source for all of your excavating needs. Give us a call today to receive your free quote!

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Excavating Services in Syracuse, NY   Excavating Services in Syracuse, NY Excavating Services in Syracuse, NY