Your Preferred Master Plumber in Syracuse, NY

When you’re in need of an experienced and top-rated master plumber in Syracuse, NY, Do It Right Plumbing is the one to call! Whether you’re in need of drain repairs or stopping that annoying faucet dripping, we’ve got you covered! As one of the most trusted plumbers in the Onondaga and Oswego counties, you can only expect the best service!

Our Syracuse Plumbing Services

When you hire us as your master plumber in Syracuse, NY, you will never receive poor and unreliable service, especially when you need it most. Our crew is ready to service all of your plumbing needs. We offer the following services:

  • Water Heater Repair and Replacement
  • Frozen and Burst Pipes
  • Saniflo Upflush Toilets
  • Fixture Repair and Replacement
  • High Tech Sewer Camera
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Drain Cleaning
  • In-Floor Radiant Heat
  • Water and Sewer Services
  • New Construction and Remodeling Projects
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Why Choose Our Syracuse Plumbers?

Here at Do It Right Plumbing, we believe that it shouldn’t be hard to find a good plumber who you can trust. This is why we provide you with HONEST and quick estimates and do high-quality work at an affordable price. Being your master plumber in Syracuse, NY that you call upon for all plumbing issues is our #1 goal because we believe that good relationships with clients are crucial. Our plumbers have all the necessary experience and certifications in order to provide you with top-notch plumbing services!


Plumbing Service | Frequently Asked Questions

Onondaga & Oswego counties have many options when it comes to finding a plumber. We know it can be a little challenging to find a local plumber. We highly recommend that you do your research online. Look for great reviews, proper certifications and experience, competitive pricing, and many years of experience. When comparing quotes, try to get three.

Get started by calling us for your 1st quote.

We recommend scheduling a routine plumbing inspection every 2 years. There are some cases where you’ll need more frequent visits, here are a few examples:

  • If you have a home that was built before the 1960s due to older plumbing systems
  • If you have a home with mature trees. This ensures that there are no tree roots that have punctured or pushed any plumbing pipes around.
  • If you moved to a new home.

Here are a few common plumbing problems that should require a professional to fix:

  • Leaky Faucet
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Running Toilet
  • Slab Leaks
  • Ceiling Leaks
  • Water Heater Repairs/Replacements
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Slow/Clogged Drains
  • Septic Tank Leaks
  • Broken Sewer Lines

If you have a plumbing problem that not even Google or YouTube can help you solve, Do It Right Plumbing can solve it in no time!

The best time to call a plumber is when the issue looks small and easy to repair. In fact, many big problems look like small ones that look easy to repair.

Many DIY projects are indeed easy and something you can handle, but most times they result in bigger issues.

Many homeowners aren’t aware that forcing a fix can make the situation worse, which can end up costing you more than calling a pro.

Do It Right Plumbing completely understands why homeowners prefer fixing their plumbing issues on their own. We conveniently offer price estimates over the phone or text for a quick price estimate.

Follow the recommended DO’s below then call a plumber, immediately!

Many of our clients have called us to rescue them in a plumbing emergency. Dangerous or harmless, we are happy to get you out of the emergency you’re in. If you ever encounter a plumbing emergency, it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts to keep you and your family safe!


  • Shut off the water.
    In an emergency, it’s important to turn off the closet water source ASAP. For toilets, you can turn the base valve or the valve behind your toilet. For bigger emergencies, turn off the main valve in your home. Most water valves require turning it clockwise for shut off.
  • Check the water heater.
    In major plumbing emergencies, we recommend turning the water heater off to avoid further damage to your home. After the main valve is shut off, turn off the water heater to prevent heat from welling up inside of it, which can cause it bursting or overheating. If you have a gas water heater, turn off the gas first.
  • Call a professional.
    Many homeowners fail to call a professional. Reduce as much damage as possible by calling ASAP. You’ll not only get help dispatched to your home, but the trained and certified plumbers who answer your call can let you know whether or not the situation is too dangerous for you to stay home. Be sure to listen if they tell you to stay home or not. It can potentially save your life.


  • Don’t try to fix the problem with unknown tools. This can not only make the emergency worse, but it can put you in danger. We urge you to call professionals if you have no idea what to do. It can not only save your pocket from further costs but also save you from the problem worsening.
  • Don’t ignore the situation. If a plumbing problem looks bad, just call a professional. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?
It can be. It depends on whether your plumbing repair is: Covered on your specific policy details Caused by neglect or lack of maintenance Since every policy varies, some may cover the cost of a professional plumber and the water damage, others might not. Keep in mind that most insurance policies will not cover plumbing repairs that were caused by “neglect or lack of maintenance”.

Not plumbing issues require that you call a plumber. However, we do recommend that you have a pro look at it. Here are a few:

  • Leaky Faucet
  • Unclog Bathtub Drain
  • Unclog Toilet

You can Google a video on how to fix these issues or go to your nearest home improvement store for inexpensive supplies.

Being aware of a few basic plumbing maintenance tips can greatly help you reduce the chances of possible damage to your home. Here are a few tips to help you with your plumbing maintenance:

Be Aware of Water Leaks.
Small water leaks can lead to big problems if they go unnoticed. So it’s important to be aware of any leaky faucets, damp cabinets, rocking toilets, or dripping refrigerators because these are all symptoms that require fast action!

Repair Problems Early.
As soon as you notice a plumbing problem, it’s important to repair it as soon as possible. Think of your plumbing like your car. If you ignore any problems, it can become an even bigger problem and bill.

Responding to Overflows.
If you have water gushing out of your sink or toilet, find your home’s main valve and shut off the water supply. It’s important to have an overflow kit for a fast response so keep tools you’ll need and a flashlight handy. Nothing’s more frustrating than being unprepared during a situation like that!